Aesthetics (1) – the magic of Books


Welcome to a new series, this time I will try to capture the beauty of living or inanimate subjects, of course it’s easy to guess what this first post will deal with : …books !

Last week I wandered through the shelves of the library where I am employed :



The topography of books arraying is a never ending wonder. In a library you cannot organize books by height, width or length. Most libraries nowadays are using the Dewey Decimal Classification, and there other existing systems, so you can find a tiny book next to a big volume, and that’s part of the charm of arranging shelves :




That’s one of the reasons why paper books will always be one up on ebooks. An ebooks library has no relief, it’s just flat, piling up files after files in endless lines. 

In a public library you sometimes happen to come across a beautiful layout, there is just a unique book that breaks a linear book line, like a little valley in these complex territories of paper :