The National History Museum, Paris



Last week I had to go to Paris to pass an exam : the Diplôme de Compétence en langue (DCL) in chinese. I only had a few hours to take advantage of this short trip, this time I decided at first to take a break at the Paris poetry market. It’s a good opportunity to meet poetry publishers and to remind us how essential poetry is nowadays. So many voices from all around the world, so many books, so many thoughts.      


poetry market 1


I made some great discoveries, like the very dynamic Editions des Vanneaux, I highly recommend their latest « Corse, Carnets Nomade », by Angèle Paoli, with drawings from David Hébert. It’s a declaration of love to Corsica, in a very rich and demanding language, a must-have !


poetry market 2


And then, something really special to me. As a child I was incredibly fond of wild life : I had a few books displaying wild animals and their biotope, and I was so passionate that my parents finally offered me an encyclopaedia on the subject, the « La Faune » encyclopaedia. I could read those volumes for hours and hours, I knew a lot about the species, their names, theirs habits. I still don’t understand why I didn’t turn this into a job as an adult, or even a hobby. Still, I often watch documentaries on wildlife, I am a David Attenborough fan !

For people like me, there is a paradise right in the heart of the city, where I still didn’t take the time to wander : it’s called the Muséum of National History. Not only can you find the fantastic Gallery of Evolution, but also a zoo, the Paleontology and comparative Anatomy Gallery, a garden of plants and the Grandes Serres and botanic Gallery.



You can spend entire days in these astonishing places, I only had the time to (quickly) visit the Gallery of Evolution, and there was a temporary exhibition about comets which I found surprisingly very exciting.

The main attraction these days seems to be the spectacular Trix, but I didn’t have much time, had to catch my bus back to Rennes. I am in no way a tourist advisor but believe me, if you spend some time in Paris, it’s definitely worth to visit this area, especially with children.