It’s the working, the working, just the working life


Holidays are already a souvenir, and I’ve got more & more work to carry out lately, so for the first time in four years I am wondering if I will be able to maintain this journal at its usual pace…

The title of this post is inspired by one line in « Factory », it’s one of the songs in « Darkness of the Edge of Town », which may be my favorite Bruce Springsteen’s album :

I’ve been listening to the Boss for more than 30 years and as a teenager I spent hours and hours trying to understand the hidden meanings of his songs, especially with the Live 1975-85 album, which got an extensive booklet full of lyrics and photos. Maybe it was the beginning of my desire for translation.

As debated in this recent french radio program, times are changing, dark clouds are gathering above our heads. Populism, extremism, these are ‘ism’ words we don’t like to see too much in the news.

I hope everyone will continue to sail safely in these disrupted times, stay the course !

Crozon 2