I am a french part-time librarian currently working in Rennes, France. Half of the time I am working at Les Champs Libres library, in the languages & literature section, the other half I am translating from English to French language and from Chinese to French language.

These are the software I use : OmegaT, Antidote, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat Pro ; I tend to specialize in the following fields : arts, education, media, cinema, poetry & literature, music and tourism.

I use linkedin for networking and I am the french ambassador for the International Librarians Network, an inspiring initiative that allows to exchange with librarians around the world and to think about the future of our job.

the art of writing


您想跟我联系的话,可以用微信(我的微信号: manuelhuygen)或通过以下的表格 :

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