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This one is for fellow librarians who consider it’s important to exchange on their job in order to progress and to make other progress : today I will talk about a program I have been involved in for a year and a half, the ILN !

The International Librarians Network is a facilitated peer-mentoring program : you apply, the ILN brings you into contact with another librarian in the world, and a four-month partnership begins, during which you will be able to share ideas and experience internationally, also to build your global network.

3500 participants since 2013, 120 different countries, and 80% want to sign again, so this is a truly international program, the only constraint being you must exchange in english language. There are regular propositions of subjects to be discussed, facilitated online group discussions and twitter chats.

Here is a video promotion of the program :


The ILN uses a model where all participants are treated as equals who have valuable experiences to share. This means that partners are not placed into established mentor/protégé roles, but rather are encouraged to view their partnership as a way to learn from each other ; all are mentors and all are protégés.

So why participate in the ILN peer mentoring program?

Through the ILN program you can:

  1. Rediscover your own valuable skills by sharing your experiences with your partner
  2. Gain new perspectives on your profession
  3. Build your professional network with colleagues around the globe
  4. Find new ideas that you can use in your library
  5. Develop new professional skills

Don’t wait, applications are now open for the next round of the ILN. it’s an amazing opportunity to get your very own international peer-mentor (and be one too) and it’s completely free. But hurry, applications must close on Monday 15 February 2016 !

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