Replacing the battery of your ebook reader

There is nothing more annoying than an electronic device whose performances are crumbling down because of a lowering battery. I bought my Sony PRS-505 in 2008, and up to last autumn, I was happy with it :



No lightning, no wifi, but I can go without those functionalities. The only problem is that it’s aging, and the battery isn’t providing enough energy anymore…no more than what is needed for one week of careful reading. During our trip in Taiwan in november, it was a cruel discovery. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to buy a new reader (oh yes, come on), but it made me crazy that such a recent piece of electronic could end in the dustbin. So, may it be planned obsolescence or not, I searched for a solution. And there ARE solutions. Every time big firms try to elaborate plans to grab our money, you can always find alternatives.

This time I found this great video that explains what to do, and details how to do it :



So I ordered a replacement battery (12€) and…let’s go !



Taking the device to pieces is not complicated :




Mmmhhh, well :




Replacing the battery was quite easy : unplug the old battery, plug the new, you’re done. The tricky part of the operation was when putting the reader back together. This is the most delicate part, especially the last moments, honestly I wasn’t sure the electronic part was correctly fit in the case.

But it worked :



Now I have got a fully functional PRS-505 reader, en route for another seven years 🙂

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