Roberts Radio Stream 93i, the new generation of internet radio

Today it’s winter, and what do you need in the winter time ? Good sound and good radio programs ! Being very curious about languages and broadcasting, I purchased ten years ago a french internet radio that gave rhythm to my days and nights, I talked about it in a 2015 post .

Yet this year I discovered you can ask much more to an internet radio, the english company Roberts has achieved outstanding standards in this field. The Stream 93i model seduced me with its various possibilities :

Roberts Radio 1

You have 6 different modes :

  1. the classic FM mode.
  2. local DAB radios, there ain’t any for time being in the Rennes area, but it’s the future of radio broadcasting.
  3. spotify, here you need a personal account.
  4. Internet Radio, i.e. access to thousands of radios on the planet, this is truly amazing, you can browse by country, by type of program (rock, classical, public, etc…), you even have a full text search area, which is very convenient.
  5. there is an AUX input, through which you can connect your MP3 reader, your iPod.
  6. last but not least, you can stream your music from your computer, via your wifi network. This was kind of rough to configure ; I had to try at least three open-source media servers before finding one that is effective with a Mac Mini, and that software is Serviio. I can now stream my scrupulously classified 220 Go of music on my radio, that’s not insignificant, since the sound of that radio is gorgeous, very surprising indeed ; two stereo speakers on the front and one bass speaker on the back deliver a powerful and clear sound, so much better than my old Sagem model !

What is really fantastic with this particular device is that you can access in real time to all the podcasts of a radio station (if it’s correctly indexed, of course), with the title of each distinctive episode.

This radio set is brilliant, I guess this is the one for me for the next 10 years (!).

Roberts Radio 2

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