Summer break


Not so much inspiration these days. With the dramatic events that occurred in France lately, the atmosphere at work is morose. Anyway, we travelled through the country again this summer, this time we visited another part of South Eastern France which is located just a hundred miles above the city of Montpellier : les Cévennes !

So, what about this national parc ? It’s an area of middle elevation mountains where you can find wild and arid plateaus, we call them « Causse », in french. On the « Causse Méjean », people are bringing up a species of horses native from Mongolia : the Przewalski horse. They are helping these particular horses not to disappear by reintroducing them in their natural environment after raising them, here is what the Causse Méjean looks like :


Of course there are numerous areas where you can go for a walk and observe wildlife, especially birds of prey. We had the chance not to be in the open air as a heat storm broke out, some can be redoubtable in this region. Here is a picture of that day (on another Causse) :


There are many other points of interest in the Cévennes, since you can bump on ancient traditional villages every ten miles, Vézénobres is one of them :


Other typical cities are much bigger, here is Uzès and its famous castle, which holds the premier title in the peerage of France :


And, everywhere you go, markets and night markets, farm products are so diverse down there that you can eat different dishes every day and experiment new tastes without limits :

Night Market

Now we’ve already been back to work for a fortnight ; while colleagues from all other the world are attending the IFLA annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio, we’re awaiting the next coming « Rentrée Littéraire » ! Lots of books are about to enter the library, just waiting for them :


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