Attention & distraction



We are often too busy to take the time to break off and just focus on simple things. Work is such a time-consuming occupation that we seldom shy away from its tentacles, being unable to take the moral high ground.

That’s why it’s sometimes crucial to push aside projects for a moment, in order to make them perform more effectively in the future. That’s exactly what the leading team of the ILN decided to do this autumn. Clare, Kate & Alyson have achieved a huge work during four years running the ILN, they have a right to catch their breath.

We are entitled to distract ourselves from this sometimes boring world, and just…go outside to watch the mushrooms come into bud (!).



We also all have the right to slow down. It’s a question of attention to our lives, to the people we are close to, to all the things that surround us. Work is not necessarily the place where your mind will blossom. Reading a book, playing a musical instrument, trying a new sport, learning a new language, cooking a new plate, meeting new people, discussing new subjects, discovering new places, all of these activities can act as stimuli to our lives.

For instance, a recent article on the Guardian pointed out that learning to play an instrument is tremendously helpful for your brain, and we all know the benefits of sports in everyday life. Check out that list of the 16 benefits of playing an instrument, by Mike Levitsky (with the help of his high school students), you will be amazed ! 

Thus, like mushrooms, we shall take more time for ourselves, and expand our working range.




The ILN is taking a break, but it’s to come back with a stronger, wider network thereafter. And as the ILN ambassador for France, I must give warm thanks to Clare, Kate & Alyson for their confidence, to all the other ambassadors and to all the ILN staff for allowing me to take part in this fantastic project, we’ll be back !