Getting rid of itunes ecosystem

One month from now, I experienced some problems with my Mac Pro 1.1 (2008) computer. Yes, it’s that one on the floor, left side :

mac pro

Three years ago, I fitted a SSD hard drive to its motherboard, and my system went much faster, until that hard drive…broke up last month, and friends of mine that are IT specialists couldn’t wake it up.

So, I carried it to a local Apple repairer (it is still out there), and decided to change my system configuration : since I don’t record so much music anymore, I don’t need such a powerful machine anymore. I grabbed a 2014 refurbished mac mini from the french Applestore, found a firewire/thunderbolt adapter to connect my MOTU 828 mk2 soundcard, and here we go again.

At the same time, there was an enormous « bug » on Apple servers on March 10/11, which caused all my music to disappear from my iPod. And what is more curious, I wasn’t able to recover it, despite repeted efforts. So I decided to do the same thing I did in the middle of the last decade : not use itunes anymore.

You can find various solutions on internet. The FileApp / iMazing tandem appeared to be a good one, until I realized that you should pay 30$ to fully use iMazing, I gave up that one.

Eventually, I came upon this solution : just use the VLC iphone app. Not only being a fully functional audio & video player, VLC allows you to upload files on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. This is how it goes : in the general options menu of the app, you can find a « share though wifi » button :

VLC iPod


Just underneath, two URLs appear ; just enter one or the other of these URLs in your web browser :

wifi upload

Now you can paste files in the upper section of the screen : magical ! they then will appear in the dedicated directory of your VLC app. Only note two things :

– you cannot paste entire folders, you have to select files.

– if you want to upload several MP3 albums, you have to do it one by one, I mean : close the window of your browser after each upload, and reopen another window to do the next upload. Don’t ask me why, but if you want your music to appear in the « album » section, you have to proceed like this.

You can also do without itunes to rip your CDs. Just grab XLD. It’s a powerful free and open-source software that allows you to encode your music in a great diversity of formats. Besides, and this will concern my fellow librarians, it includes full treatment of metadata, so you can decide very precisely about the features of each song, even chose a photo for your album :



So, still using itunes ?  I think I cannot help you anymore. 🙂