What is your numeric weight ?

« No space left on hard drive », how many times did you encounter this message ?



Since I am a librarian, not so many times, because I do carefully and regularly monitor how much free space I can rely on on my devices. But the more the years pass, the more you pile stacks and stacks of data, it’s ineluctable.

At the beginning of this year, my good old MacPro 1.1 let go, after seven years of hard and steady work. Even if I could not upgrade it beyond OS 10.7, it fulfilled my needs more than enough and it was a surprise to have to consider a new environment. I didn’t need as much power anymore, yet  I am accustomed to the mac system environment, so I decided to stick to it and to go for a mac mini. The crash of the main drive of my mac pro (the SSD drive) was sudden, probably due to an overvoltage release. Fortunately, the main data were not on the system drive, I had them on two internal IDE drives, but it was hard work to sort all those files and reorganize them onto the mac mini. So came the problem of the weight of all those data and how you protect it from threats.

After all those years, my personal data add up to approximately 600 Go of files, split up onto two partitions on my mac mini. Eventually, after almost 20 years of unprotected power supplies, I’ve bought a UPS, I don’t want this winter misadventure to recur. I also bought a second-hand 2 To Time Capsule on ebay, just in case the main drive of my mac mini crashes :

Time Capsule

In addition, every month, I make a full copy of the main drive of my mac mini on an external USB hard drive, because you never know what could happen. The best example is this story I read online recently from a french blogger : she was burglarized, and the thieves stole his computer. Outcome : 15 years of personal photos volatilized ! This happens everyday, in a few seconds I just found another example.

The question of photos is highly sensitive. All in all, I don’t care a lot if my MP3s, my ebooks, my videos disappear in outer space. BUT NOT MY PHOTOS. Twelve years of photos, that’s the most precious digital data I have, I don’t want to lose it, at no cost. Ultimately, cloud storage is an additionnal protection from loss. There are not so many solutions if you don’t want to pay for that, I had the chance a couple of months ago to grab a 50 Go free cloud storage from BOX, that’s where I put down copies of all my photos now.

But there is much more to say about photography, that will be the subject of the next post !

One thought on “What is your numeric weight ?

  1. Hello,
    J’aimerais aussi avoir un mini mac. Mais toi tu sais comment organiser tout cela, à la manière d’une presque seconde vie ou image de sa vie.
    C’est assez poétique, mais plus compliqué pour la technique.
    J’aime lire ton blog, bravo !

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