The « rentrée littéraire » (2)

I wrote a previous post last year about this strange phenomenon occuring each end of summer in France, so here we go again, the frenzy begins !

Last year there were altogether 607 novels published during this lapse of time, it’s a bit less this year with 589 novels published. In our section, which deals with fiction and languages, the first delivery of books was huge, maybe as much as twice the number of books we ordinary receive when it’s a « big » delivery.

The picture speaks for itself :



Well-known french authors chose this moment of the year to publish their new novel : Amélie Nothomb, Christine Angot, Alain Mabanckou are among them, some foreign authors did the same : Toni Morrison, Richard Ford, Martin Amis. A good deal of first novels will also try to reach the mainstream, but competition is harsh, and few will be elected.

My first choice will go to an author I am following since his first book, I am talking about Mathias Enard, one of the most fascinating pen these days in France. His new book is about Mitteleuropa, Orient, and how they can communicate each other through the ages :