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About me

My interest in languages and writing goes back some 20 years or more. After graduating in English and German in 1996, I became a librarian, working in various French cities while honing my language skills by traveling.

Since 2014, I’ve regularly produced pro bono translations of press releases and articles for the International Librarians Network of which I’m the liaison officer for France. As this work broadened, I decided to make a career out of translating and I undertook a Master’s course in translating and copywriting, a course bearing the EMT label (European Master’s in Translation).



I comply with the profession’s code of practice, including the basic principle of translating exclusively into my native language, French. I therefore translate from English, German and Chinese into French. For translations out of French, I am happy to call on fellow translators who are native speakers of other languages.


I’ve always had a keen interest in technology and I appreciate how important modern communication is in the world of business. In addition to translating and copywriting, I’m skilled in the same communication tools that you use to disseminate your content.

Take this website for example; I did it all, from design and hosting to content creation. SEO and inbound marketing are key to your success, and I’ll always be mindful of this when working with you. I’m based in Rennes in the west of France but I can meet clients in the Paris area too.