Translation – Copywriting


Translating is about context. It’s also about skills and knowledge. To learn more about my services, go to the relevant section.
Thanks to my extensive experience in library services,
I’ve also been able
to develop specialist knowledge in the areas below.

Terminology skills

As part of the translation process, translators have to search for the correct terms in the other language. As a librarian, I’m quite at home in this key aspect of translating and I can pinpoint the right terms for the right context.

Reliability &

Areas covered

Terminology is the raw material of translation: if you have in-house glossaries, I can use them to ensure accuracy.

Generally I can translate about 2,500 words a day but this will, of course, depend on the format and subject matter. For urgent assignments, I may be able to produce up to 3,000 words a day.

Copywriting – Transcreation

As a sharp wordsmith and ICT junkie,
I can help you craft and disseminate
powerful narratives that not only tell, but sell.

My writing and content will be fit-for-purpose; in other words, respectful of your message and adapted to your audience – whatever the format used:

blog content, slogans, press releases and packs, emailing campaigns, brochures, advertising campaigns, teaching materials, in-house or outbound communication, reports and minutes.