My fully equipped home studio allows me to offer a professional voice-over service.

I’ve sung and played music for over 30 years: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, drums and percussion, and keyboard. I’m highly experienced in recording and sound processing. If need be, I can even produce specific tracks for a project. Just ask.

This is my equipment:

How I work:

  1. Thorough reading of the documents or texts to be interpreted.
  2. Recording: many sessions are usually needed for long projects
  3. Sound processing: noise control and signal standardization, sound effects (reverb, noise gate) and removal of unwanted sound.
  4. Delivery of files in the right format: WAV, AAC, FLAC, AAC, MP3 (compression ratio on request), WMA, OGG
You can check out some of my voice samples here.
I selected three different registers: marketing, adult fiction and children’s fiction.
The three files have two very different quality levels: uncompressed audio format (WAV) and MP3 format compressed to 128 kbps.